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Teréz Zsolnay and family members

Zsolnay has a great reputation in Pécs, in Hungary, in Europe and in the world. Zsolnay became world famous in the 20th century, during the era of Hungarian prosperity and the free flow of art. Not only foreign professionals but also the Zsolnay family members contributed to success to a great extent.
The achievements of Vilmos Zsolnay were further expanded by his daughters Júlia and Teréz and their husbands Jakab Mattyasovszky and Tádé Sikorszky.
His daughter Teréz was a devout admirer of folk art and introduced Hungarian folk motifs in Zsolnay ornaments. At the age of 70 she started writing the history of the Zsolnay factory, and she kept on working for 20 years. The book is as long as 2500 pages. The book is dedicated to "children of her blood".
Her husband, geologist Jakab Mattyasovszky also worked in the factory. He was conducting raw material research all around the country, helping his father-in-law to enhance the quality of constructional materials and trying to find the most perfect clay.
Zsolnay's other daughter Júlia also participated in the quality control of Zsolnay products, in the expansion of the offering, and in customer relationship management. The Hungarian- and Persian-style ornaments designed by Teréz and Júlia were acclaimed worldwide.
The husband of Júlia Zsolnay, Tádé Sikorszky was an architect born in Porem, Poland in 1852. He saw all of Europe and participated in the building of the Burg Theater of Vienna, Austria. He contributed significantly with his ceramic and artistic skills to the success of the factory of worldwide reputation. Tádé became the designer and manager of the factory's constructional department.